Kick Up Your Heels at Cedric’s

Cedric’s Pub has a new owner with big plans for the summer season. Jeff Pasternak, a former minority partner, has just taken 100-percent control of this popular watering hole. Pasternak is determined to get people off the bar stools and onto the dance floor, with Tuesday evening line dancing classes beginning June 5, live bands on Friday nights and themed DJ nights on Saturdays. “We’re going to transform Cedric’s into the hot spot in town for live entertainment and dancing,” says Pasternak.

“Thursday is now Ladies Night,” says new manager Heather Castle, who has over 10 year’s experience in the hospitality industry. “By popular demand, our monthly Friday Karaoke Night will run twice a month until the end of August. We’re having an all-day Beach Party on June 15, and there’s more to come!”

A Knowlton tradition for more than 10 years, Cedric’s offers the ambiance and style of a traditional British pub. It’s already home to the local darts league, and now Cedric’s has a pool table, with tournaments soon to follow. Beginning May 21, Cedric’s will serve a buffet lunch from 11:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. ($6.95) on weekdays, in addition to its pub-style lunch and dinner menu on weekends.

Bistro Cedric’s Pub, 51 Lakeside, Knowlton, 450 242-2929


Brome Lake Fitness has been a big hit with Knowltonians since it opened in December. In its first five months of operation, it has exceeded its membership goals. The fully equipped facility is air-conditioned so you can pump iron or run off calories in cool comfort.

Summer is no excuse to abandon your exercise program, advises fitness instructor Pat Duncan, who is a partner in the business, along with fellow instructors Janet Gibbons and Jo-Anne Lavallée. “To stay fit, you only need to work out 45 minutes to an hour, three times a week,” says Duncan. “Then you’ll get addicted,” she adds with a laugh, “and want to do it more often.”

Open 80 hours a week, there’s plenty of opportunity to work through your program, customized for you when you join. Tip: the middle of any weekday afternoon is the least crowded. Until the end of May, a four-month membership is going for the price of three months ($99).

Mise en Forme Lac Brome/Brome Lake Fitness, 328 Knowlton Rd., (450) 243-6246


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